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Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment pervades many workplaces and can take on many forms. Sexual harassment can include unwanted physical touching or sexual contact, unwelcome sexual advances, comments, or unwanted discussions related to sex.

Sexual harassment can be both verbal and physical, and each can be equally detrimental.  State and federal laws protect employees against sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sexual harassers can be either male or female.  Similarly, both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment, regardless of the harasser’s gender.  Examples of sexual harassment in the workplace can include offensive and invasive remarks about an employee’s body, appearance, and sexual proclivities.  Attaching sexual favors to workplace requests and assignments is another example of illegal sexual harassment; however, sexual harassment isn’t always as obvious.  Sometimes the harassment can take the form of a lingering hug from your boss or the threat of reprimand for not engaging in sexually charged conduct.

Victims of sexual harassment may feel unable to pinpoint exactly why a harasser’s conduct is wrong and may questions themselves.  Lindy Korn has helped many victims of sexual harassment obtain justice against their workplace harassers.  If you believe you are a victim of sexual harassment, trust your instincts, and contact Lindy Korn.  She can help.

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