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Sex Discrimination


Title VII also protects employees from discrimination on the basis of an employee’s sex. Employers are prohibited from making employment decisions on the basis of sex or stereotypes related to an employee’s sex

Examples of sex discrimination can include an employer who refuses to promote female employees to higher ranking positions typically held by men, or an employer who ignores complaints of harassment alleged by male employees. Title VII is designed to protect the all too frequent imbalance of treatment among the sexes in the workplace.

Sex discrimination can refer both to disparate treatment and disparate impact. Disparate treatment involves an employer actively treating certain employees differently based on the employee’s sex. Disparate impact involves policies or other rules and behavior that has the effect of resulting in disparate, or unfair, outcomes for employees of a certain sex. For example, a workplace policy that requires an employee to be at least six feet tall and two hundred pounds before being considered for promotion would have the effect of excluding most female employees from promotion.

Lindy Korn has helped numerous clients seek justice against employers who discriminate against employees on the basis of sex. She has the skills and experience to help you. If you believe an employer has discriminated against you, call Lindy Korn. She can help.

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