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Race Discrimination


Under Title VII, employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees because of their race. This means that employers are not allowed to make employment decisions, either favorable or unfavorable, on the basis of race. Title VII does not discriminate regarding who it protects.

Employees of all races and colors fall under Title VII’s protections. Some examples of race discrimination can include an employer who refuses to hire African-Americans because of the employer’s personal racial prejudices, or an employer who refuses to promote Caucasian employees on the basis of their race or skin color.

Not every act of discrimination can be acutely cited. Some discrimination exists quietly under the surface, while other acts boldly stand out. Some blatant examples of discrimination can include comments in the workplace concerning a particular race group. For example, a manager may remark that a certain department is becoming “too black.” These comments are not only disturbing, but illegal, and unfortunately occur all too often.

Other state and federal laws also prohibit employers from denying employees equal pay or other benefits on the basis of race. Lindy Korn has helped numerous clients seek justice against employers who discriminate. She has the skills and experience to help you. If you believe an employer has discriminated against you, call Lindy Korn. She can help.

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