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The Law Office of Lindy Korn

A Holistic Approach

“I call myself a holistic lawyer… Each case is like a crock pot with many ingredients: legal, medical, psychological, historical background attitudes, emotions and knowledge. While the outcome will blend all these factors, the integrity of each individual concern must be maintained and respected. That is Holistic Law.”

 – Lindy Korn quoted in an Eve Magazine article by Nancy Eckerson, September 5, 2002

Identifying and Addressing the Problem

Lindy Korn always asks the client what they want out of their case.  Some seek an apology, training for an individual supervisor, termination of a management employee, compensation, a chance to tell their side of the story to their employer, or psychological counseling for the alleged harasser, to name a few.

The Complaint Process

The client and Lindy Korn examine the company policy to determine if the complaint process has been fully utilized and if any violations have occurred on the part of management.  Did the client complain about the discrimination or retaliation?  What happened when the client first complained?

Investigation Evaluation

After complaining, did the employer conduct a prompt investigation?  Were the results conveyed in general terms to the complainant?  Who conducted the investigation?  What does the company policy state about the investigation procedure?  Were the employees questioned, intimidated, or caused to fear for their jobs?


Lindy Korn mediates employment disputes on behalf of a client in order to keep the conflict at hand confidential.  Allowing the client to have control over the resolution process involving their workplace harassment and retaliation not only resolves the problem but also addresses it in a confidential, discrete manner, which better allows the employee to more effectively move forward with their lives.

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