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Client Testimonials


“Ms. Korn represented my interests in a legal case that dealt with complex and multiple issues of immense value in the end result.  I found Ms. Korn not only very knowledgeable but very understanding and feeling for the issues at hand.  She devoted her resources and went well beyond the requirements that one would expect of any capable attorney. No individual could expect such devotion and dedication from anyone and to hope to find such a person not only in the legal profession but as a individual is truly an honor. I consider myself fortunate to know such a person not only as my representative but I hope as my friend.  She truly did an outstanding job on my behalf with a positive outcome that will derive positive results over the years for many individuals.  It Is An Honor.”  – Cindy

“You provided a glimmer of daylight in what has been the darkest part of my life and for that…and for so much more…I’m forever grateful!  You never judged or criticized me or made me feel as stupid as I have been.  For whatever reason this happened, I plan to take the many lessons earned and never forget them.  I thank you for your compassion, which carried me through many a rough day.  You are the best.  Your hard work, understanding, and wisdom have been greatly appreciated.”  – Karen

“I personally wanted to thank you for your kind and professional treatment of Michelle and her case.  I have noticed a great change in her confidence level over the last few months and I attribute most of this positive change to your influence.”  – Al

“The two brightest attorneys [Lindy Korn and Anne Marie Richmond] I have ever had the privilege in my unfortunately now long career in the justice system did the impossible.  You made sure that what happened to me could never happen to another trans without potential consequences.  I saw history being made, and heard for the last time arguments than can never be made again…Thank you and bless you both.”  – C.

“I was extremely happy with how Lindy Korn handled my case.  Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about negotiating a complicated court system, but she handled my case with caring and sensitivity.  Her helpful advice helped me every step of the way.

Anyone who is facing discrimination in the workplace should absolutely consult with Ms. Korn on what to do.  You won’t feel alone in your situation from that point on.  She will work very hard for the very best outcome for you!  I couldn’t have been happier with how she handled my case!!”

– Michele

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